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The Power of Consent

A colorful story demonstrating the meaning of consent and the power of establishing boundaries.


When a new student joins Andie's class and happily greets everyone with a hug, Andie is faced with an all-too-common dilemma. While Andie wants to make a new friend, they are not entirely comfortable hugging the newcomer. After a talk with Andie's dad about the meaning of consent and the importance of establishing boundaries, Andie has a big choice to make. Will Andie ignore their instincts or boldly communicate how they feel?


Andie's experience celebrates the identity, mind, body, heart, and soul of a child while also allowing space for self-reflection and advocacy.

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"Well, my peas!"

In this colorful and dreamy book about the day in the life of my grandmother and great great aunt as children living in St. Croix, the illustrations attract young readers to hear and learn about the differences of living on an island with coconut trees ready for the picking. The reader gets a small glimpse of the unique and opposite personalities of family members who were also caring friends. While this story is fictional it is based on true interactions and experiences, with references to cultural foods and English dialect differences.  The illustrations are created with collage and markers.

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"I like that stuff!"

This thoughtful story of exploration and discovery attracts young readers to its pages filled with collage depictions and descriptive images. Little William is a small child who enjoys experiencing the world around him and engaging in sweet banter with his great aunt. After a long day of exploring, little William heads home to find out what delicious foods will be cooked for dinner. This story is a fictional tale derived from real encounters between my father and his great aunt when he was a small child, as a tribute to the stories Aunt Sarah passed along in my family.



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