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Books! Coloring Journals! Stickers! OH MY!


Lea is an artist and early childhood special and general educator. Lea was born and raised in Harlem, New York with her mother, father, and older sister. She earned a BFA in Sculpture with a minor in Ceramics from Syracuse University, where she developed skills and experience working with a wide variety of materials and media. Lea has a passion for exploring new materials; fabricated or found, wood, clay, and metal. She has expertise in many mediums and has delved deeper into her 2-dimensional work such as drawing, pencil, pen, charcoal, paint, watercolor, and collage. Lea is a Master of Science in Early Childhood Special and General Education from Bank Street College of Education. 

Lea believes that children who are given the opportunity to explore their self-identity contribute to their communities in ways that enhance their self-discovery and understanding of those around them. The necessity to expand the representation of BIPOC in children's literature has been suppressed for too long. Not only does the visual representation of children of color matter, but so do the voices behind the illustrations and the words, to ensure that BIPOC are telling their own stories instead of those who cannot speak from that perspective. Lea's characters not only feature the unique experiences of Black children from her experience and perspective but also the intersectionalities that come with being a layered and complex person. Through collage, pen, marker and watercolor, Lea has brought to life family stories, personal experiences, and social challenges that arise in her teaching career.

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